On Sunday, I went to see the gorgeous Tiar, who’s down in London from Leeds for the month. Since it was really warm outside, I decided to wear the Mesh Top handmade by herself with a really cute bra I’d gotten from Topshop earlier in the week. I haven’t had many opportunities to wear this top since I got it but jumped at the chance when I saw some sunshine outside. 
It’s been really nice having some sun out towards the end of the Easter break and everyone seems to a lot happier not that it’s getting brighter out, although there are many still fighting off a cold from the seasonal change. 
I teamed the top combination with mu trusty Harem pants and the new Black/White Huaraches I got my hands on the last week. The Triple White were what I really wanted to get my hands on but they sold out within minutes (surprise, surprise). Anyhow, I seem to be enjoying these pretty well so it’s all good for now.
How’s everyone’s Easter break been? Hope you’re all well and thank you for reading!
Bra // Topshop
Pants // H&M (Similar)
Shoes // Nike Air Huaraches (Black/White) (Alternative – The Black/White have sold out and these          are the pair which have been released in their place)
Jacket // H&M (Similar)
Bag // ASOS (Similar

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