Skin Tones

I don’t usually wear anything other than black or white, however, I have been exploring nude tones more recently. None of the items worn are necessary new, except the shoes which I purchased over summer, but I never really tend to keep to one tone or shade that isn’t black, white or sometimes grey so I thought it was worth the share. 
I think wearing different shades of the same palette is a really modern and alternative way of wearing and executing a minimal wardrobe. This obviously doesn’t have to be nude but can also be colours such as navy or pink, etc. It looks well put together as well as being comfortable and guaranteed to not clash your colours if they’re all shades of the same colour. I find that in case of nude, it also ensures that you don’t have the “naked” look down when someone sees you from afar, it’s never a nice situation. 
Top // Borrowed (more like stolen) from a friend
Tights // ASOS
Shorts // River Island (from a few years back) 

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