Dragon’s Blood

Foundation // Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

Concealer // Revolution Conceal & Define

Eyebrows // Sleek Brow Kit

Eyeshadow // Huda Beauty Ruby Obsession Palette

Eyeliner // Nyx Liquid Liner

Lipstick // Pat McGrath 



Hey guys! So, Spring is full under way and I know a lot of you girls are going to looking for products to help you shine like the sun, so I’ve decided to give you guys a little run down of the products I like to use on my Dry/Combination skin to help keep me hydrated and glowing! Obviously in the sun you don’t need as much moisture as you do in the colder days but I tend to get dry really easily and jugs not a cute look when I leave my house glowing but have foundation dried up in patches on my face. Here are the products I use on a daily basis to help keep me soft and glowing…

Moisturiser/Suncream: Simple
Suncream is very important to using products that already have it mixed in is a good time saver and a way to make sure you don’t forget to put it on.

Facial Oil: Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil
This facil oil is an absolute favourite of mine. I actually got this last year to use while I found one I loved just so I could have extra hydration and ended up loving it so much I didn’t bother looking for another facial oil. It leaves my skin glowing and a little goes a long way! I use a couple of drops morning and night and press it into my skin after toning.

Liquid Highlight: Sleek Barekissed Illuminator
This product is so beautiful and you can build it up as you please! I use a little bit mixed in with my foundation on days where I want to looo extra dewy. It also comes in a couple of colours so you can play around and find what works best for you or you enjoy most.

Powder Highlight: Sleek – Solstice Palette
I’ve been using this palette for the last 2 years or so and I’m just as obsessed as I’ve ever been. I do try other highlighters here and there but as far as drugstore highlighters go, this is a firm favourite and nothing seems to ever outdo this one for me.

That’s pretty much the products I use on a daily for extra glow! Hope this is helpful to you guys and please do share any products you’re in love with so I can give them a go too!

Fahmida x

Morning Glow

I had a good make-up day and the sun was shining gloriously so obviously I had to take evidence of the moment. My makeup has been more on the glow-ey side lately thanks to this Sleek product. I mix the Barekissed Illuminator in with my foundation and skip the powder (I don’t really need it as my makeup stays well and I’m on the drier side of life) and it gives me a really subtle but noticeable glow. I stick to the cooler colour (shade: Monaco) as cool tones work better for me but there is a more golden version I would recommend if you’re looking for something to help you shine a little brighter.


I’m going to disrupt the outfits quickly with a makeup look I’ve been wearing constantly this week since Sunday. I’ve been wearing the same face look and just changing up the lipstick; I’ll either wear it with a nude lipstick or a deep red like I’m wearing here.
My skin has been a little more on the drier side this week so I’ve been keeping the base to an absolute minimum and just using concealer. Do add a little more definition to my face, I’ll go in very lightly with a bronzer and use the same bronzer or a similar shade of eyeshadow and run it over my crease very lightly just so there’s no concealer settled in there. I’ve also been using the smallest amount of eyebrow product just to fill in any space areas before setting them with a clear brow gel. Fo lashes I’ve been building the mascara up and little and fanning them out as much as possible to give the eyes a more defined look. To finish off, I’ll use a light wash of highlighter on the highest points of my face and finish off with the lips. 
All the details of products I used will be below as usual. 
Concealer // Seventeen 18 Hour Concealer
Bronzer // MUA Sunkissed Bronze
Brows // Sleek Brow Kit & ELF Clear Brow/Eyelash Gel
Mascara // ELF Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
Highlight // Sleek Highlight Palette – Solstice