It may seem like these posts have gone on for about a month (they have) even though I was only in Paris for a weekend. I always enjoy my time there and we did so much that there was a lot to share with you all.

I kept my travel outfit for the journey back pretty simple; my jeans that I wore on the way there (smart packer) and a chunky jumper to keep me warm in the cold London air (Paris was pretty cold too).

Details will be below as usual.

Jacket // Missguided

Jumper // Topshop

Turtleneck // New Look

Jeans // Topshop

Bag // Guess

Sunglasses // Monarch Tokyo (20% off with FAHMIDABX20)



Quick outfit change before the Louvre. If you can’t tell, I’m having a bit of a moment with Neon. Neon is always one of those trends that I absolutely hated growing up, but I think it’s been done so well this year that even someone like me (it really takes a lot for me to try trends, I know what I love and I neon wasn’t ever one of them until now) can enjoy wearing it. Having said that, neon green is the only colour I’ve tried, and it will probably stay that way.

Details below as always…

Jacket // Missguides

Jumper // ISawItFirst

Turtleneck // New Look

Trousers // Missguided

Trainers // Nike

Bag // Topshop

Beanie // ISawItFirst

Sunglasses // Monarch Tokyo (20% off with code FAHMIDABX20)

Bonjour Paris!

Here’s my travel outfit for Paris! I went last weekend with one of my best friends and as I was only going for the weekend and we would arrive mid day, I went for something quite comfortable but not on the lounge side.

Details below as usual!

Jacket // Missguided

Jumper // GUESS (Vintage)

Jeans // Topshop

Trainers // Nike

Sunglasses // Monarch Tokyo (20% off with FAHMIDABX20)

Winter Sun

For a day of mountain climbing; I decided to go super comfy so it would easy enough for me to actually do the activity. This set from Pretty Little Thing is so comfortable and isn’t too thick so it was great for the weather as well. I wore it with my own which will be releasing soon so keep your eyes pealed for that. 
T-Shirt // FBX
Co Ord // Pretty Little Thing
Trainers // Nike 

Silk Affair

For a day out doing a few activists I decided to keep it practical with this super comfy but chic jumpsuit. I love this piece paired with these boots, the legs are quite long on these ones so I tuck them into the top of the boots and pull them down to create the leg look seen in the images.
I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the year. Details below as usual. 
Jumpsuit // Pretty Little Thing 
Boots // Public Desire