We Are Dragons Now

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.”

Bodysuit // Missguided

Cargo Pants // Missguided

Boots // Missguided

Jacket // Underrated

50 Shades of Black

Layering in the warmest clothes I can find is basically all I’m doing right now. A great way to make an outfit more interesting in this kind of weather where you’re only really wearing as many layers of knits as possible is by choosing interesting shoes, something with even a little pop of colour helps.

These JW Anderson Converse are a firm favourite in my collection.

Dress // Similar 

Scarf// Old

Jacket // Old

Shoes // Sold Out



The new year feels like the fresh start everyone’s been waiting for. Almost like, it’s a new book instead of a new chapter. I get it… I’m one of those that love looking forward to the idea of what’s to come in the next few months and setting goals for myself that I hope to achieve.

Reflection is an important part of growth and I hope you’ve been able to look back at the last year and celebrate what you have achieved as well as thinking of what you would like to achieve in the near future. Remember to celebrate the little things. They are after all, what add up to the big things.

Speaking of setting goals; relaunching this blog and getting back into what I love is one of mine. Basically, I’m going to pick up where I left off and do more of it this year. Please hold me to it…

Happy New Year.

Here’s to another one. x

Denim Spring


Hi al! So this is my first post sinceI’ve moved my blog over to wordpress, which is why I haven’t posted for the last week because I’ve been trying to figure this all out! What do you guys think so far?

This photoset is another from the collection that Marianne and I shot together a couple of months ago and it’s perfect for the Spring weather. We’re currently in the midst of a bank holiday thunderstorm but when the sun comes back out again, a graphic white-tee and some denim is always a good shout. I’ve had these dungarees for a couple of years but never really reached for them as much as I have in the last few months. I’ve been trying to work more colour and different options into my wardrobe instead of always sticking to black and this is one that I’m really enjoying at the moment.

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The great thing about dungarees is that you can always layer up with them a little more to keep you warmer on cooler evenings or make it less layered with a tee or cute bralette to keep it lighter and more summery.

CE85D740-6B39-4E0C-9E93-669B81FE6769 26DB4C254-3A95-425C-9AC0-5E4CE0FABC94 233A092A7-0F1F-4BFF-B5C0-81C3A4BDFCEE 2D4045DF7-890A-4FA9-920C-7298FDAFBAD8 2

T-Shirt // FBX (Coming Soon!)

Dungarees // River Island (Old)

Shoes // Vans (Alternative)